Ascension Session


Once you embark on a spiritual path, there are countless ways to achieve ascension. When you accept your soul’s mission, you’ll be presented with a myriad of options, tests, initiations, etc, and at times it can feel confusing and daunting. You may presently feel a calling to get more in touch with your higher self, but have no clue where to start. Or, you may have hit a block in your progress.

After years of being on my own ascension path and having some mystical/incredible experiences, my mission is to help you discover your unique course and how to navigate through it. I honor your individuality and understand there is not a “one fits all” approach. If there was one single formula to this process, it would probably be a bit easier to figure out!

This hour-long session is catered to you and your present issues. We can talk about any spiritual topic, but here are some subjects I have the first-hand experience with:

– Understanding “spiritual hygiene” and how to increase your vibration/light and get it to stay high
– How to know you’re making progress, what signs to look for
– How to connect with your guides and open yourself to channeling
– How to work with crystals in meditation and energy management
– Mantra science – largely misunderstood in the mainstream but they’re very powerful when used correctly
– Angels! and how to connect with their guidance
– Meditation – overcoming hurdles and
– Tools you can use to help you on your path
– Can I ascend without worshiping a specific form of God? Also the benefits of an Ishta-Deva
– How to make spiritual progress in the “real world” how to best walk a spiritual path as a householder
– How to prioritize what you’re working on and how it fits all together

Currently, the opportunity for quick spiritual progress on Earth is unprecedented, as our Earth has begun her own ascension process. Make no mistake that our planet needs your light to help with the current transformation taking place.

To book a session, please fill out this short questionnaire and I’ll follow up with scheduling. You can also send me an email at [email protected] to schedule or ask questions prior to booking.