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I have created this session as a response to what most people need. After years of doing readings, I’ve learned that people need to feel hopeful, empowered, and like they can change their lives for the better. They want the perfect relationship, a fulfilling career, better friends, but are unconsciously attracting the opposite. People want to fix the area of their lives that aren’t working, but feel as though the same theme keeps replaying.

If you know how to control the energy you’re sending out into the quantum field (the field of pure consciousness and potentiality) you will witness circumstances in your life change for the better – and in not too much time at all! This session is not an hour of me saying “Hey, think positively and things will change!” I explain the mechanics, universal laws, the steps and the “formula.” I give exercises and affirmations you can use to keep yourself on track. I also cover the things that will interfere with your success, like urgency and desperation.

No fluff. No crap. This is getting to the essence of you changing your life.

I did not “come up” with these teachings. I have experimented with the various principals and concepts on the laws of attraction and manifestation and have finally found a way of teaching it that is clear and can be broken down in steps. I have knack for consuming large amounts of information and then siphoning it into the most concise, useful, results-driven information.

As a new service, I have priced this super low for a 1:1 coaching session. But you know what? I love talking about this stuff. It’s amazing. It’s life-changing.

Once a session is purchased I follow up with scheduling. If you have any questions ahead of time, feel free to send me a message.



In this 60 minute session, we talk about what specifically you’re trying to change and attract in your life. We’ll discuss your current approach, and how to follow the universal laws, harnessing the personal powers of success, and familiarizing yourself with the magnetic energy and embodying that energy.

On your part, this requires inner work and commitment to changing your thought patterns, emotions, and perspective. This also requires a commitment to JOY, honesty, and enthusiasm.

Once an order is placed I will follow up with scheduling our session. Feel free to email me with any questions.


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