Auspicious Timing Report (Muhurta)


One of the most common and advantageous uses of astrology is selecting auspicious moments to begin an event. (In India, this is known as Muhurta, or Electional Astrology in the West.) When something is begun on an auspicious date, it unfolds with more ease and things start off on the right “foot.”

What an Auspicious Starting Moment Will and Will Not Do:

Beginning an event during an astrologically auspicious moment makes everything go smoother in respect to that event. For example, if you purchase a vehicle during good timing, you’ll find the process far less stressful, you’ll get honest service, the paperwork will go smoothly, and one of the dealers might even offer to pick you up so you can drive the new car home. Most dates tend to be average, but if the date was inauspicious, the process will feel like an ordeal with a lot more setbacks. You may even have more mechanical issues with the car down the road. Things purchased or started on unfavorable dates often have more obstacles and problems.

It’s important to state that Muhurta timing will not create an event that you have no destiny for. Something like winning the lottery is a completely life-altering event that requires a certain destiny/fate. Playing the lottery on a good date is not going to alter the fate of who wins the lotto.

This type of report is not as dependant on birth time as readings are. Generally, auspicious timing applies to everyone. So, if you do not know your birth time, you can still get this report.

There are dozens of events you can use this auspicious date finder for: business, choosing a wedding date (or even a first date), beginning a writing project, or any other project for that matter, buying a house or car, traveling, moving, career, etc. Please see below for further description.

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This report includes a full year worth of dates that are numerically ranked on how auspicious they are for your chosen activity. The report does not show Muhurta for all activities listed below, those are just what you can choose from. If you’d like to add multiple activities/events, the fee is an additional $15 per event.

  • Agriculture
  • Begin relationships
  • Business and Finance
  • Buying and selling
  • Dental work (surgery, extractions, cleaning)
  • Education
  • Marriage dates
  • Medical (seeking treatment, surgery, taking medicine)
  • Moving
  • Sexual union
  • Tattoos
  • Travel
  • Writing

You can also choose “All other events” for a more general calendar not specific to any single activity.

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Agriculture, Begin relationships, Business and Finance, Buying and selling, Dental work (surgery, extractions, cleaning), Education
Marriage dates, Medical (seeking treatment, surgery, taking medicine), Moving, Sexual union, Tattoos, Travel, Writing