Vedic Astrology Tutor 1:1


I can remember all the years I spent learning Vedic Astrology from books, online classes, webinars, case studies. etc and wondering “Ok, but when am I going to get to the good stuff.” I had learned SO many techniques and principals, but I always had this feeling like some information was being withheld.

The “good stuff” is what comes with firsthand experience. It’s the culmination of seeing how the techniques and principals are actually playing out in someone’s life. Usually, you need mentorship with an Astrologer to get access to these “gems” of information that come from years of reading birth charts.

This option was created for busy professionals who don’t have hours and hours of extra time to listen to recordings, read classical texts, do case studies, etc. Ideally, this is for those who have a foundation in Western Astrology but now want to expand with Vedic techniques. With one-on-one tutoring, you get questions answered instantly (you don’t have to spend time searching for answers) and pertinent information is prioritized, and most importantly – access to a decade of experience!

For those interested in learning at a slower pace at a lower cost – I am working on creating some online courses.

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This is an hourly rate for tutoring. These are just some of the topics we can cover:

Lajjitaadi Avasthas
Medical Astrology
Planetary Time periods (Dasa System)
Vedic principals of relationship compatibility
Reading Divisional Charts
Trigger Transits
Jaimini techniques for love, wealth, career, etc.
Planetary Yogas
Prashna (Vedic hororary)
Varshaphala (Vedic Solar Return)

I provide handouts for most of the topics covered.

Please contact me with any questions!