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I am excited to make this new service available. The example image you see is just the first page, but the full report will be (at least) a few pages. I promise to never give you something that will make you feel lost and confused. All information conveyed in the report will be thoroughly explained.

What this report will tell you:

Which planets are health-promoting or illness-causing in your chart based on a number of criteria. Then I will break down the physiological indications of each planet and what that means for your health. The report will let you know which systems and organs in your body need the most support, and which organs and systems are potentially having to over-work in order to compensate for weaker systems/organs.

This report will let you know if you have a vulnerability or potential for specific diseases. Keep in mind everyone has a “weak spot” that dictates which way illness manifests in them. This is meant to be informative – not “predicitive” as there is so much that influences health, but if I see you have a vulnerability towards diabetes, stroke, or something, I am going to put it in there.

This report will also cover your Trimsamsa; a special divisional chart that focuses on disease. I combine the indications of your natal birth chart and your trimsamsa chart for a more detailed picture of health.

Your elemental makeup:
I will determine your elemental makeup and disharmonies from your chart and describe the meaning to you following the principles of Chinese elemental theory.

What this report is not going to tell you:

This report will not predict or diagnose diseases. I will tell you something like “there’s potential for kidney stones” and not “You are going to get kidney stones.” In order for our weaknesses to finally manifest into a disease, a lot needs to happen. I prefer to focus on which systems in your body are the most vulnerable, and are most prone to have problems first.

This report will not cover best dates for surgery or things like that, but you can request a consult for that information.

This report will not tell you everything there is to know about medical astrology. It’s going to focus on the information that is pertinent to you. Some astrology information will be explained, but don’t expect the report to explain the theory or teach you medical astrology. I don’t think many people expect that, but you never know.

Disclaimer: This website doesn’t provide medical advice. The content on this site is for informational or educational purposes only, and does not substitute professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals.


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This is a multi-paged medical astrology report that covers your specific “health profile” in astrological terms. It is not instantly downloadable – I analyze your chart and create a custom report for you. The report is emailed to you within 3-7 days (it really depends how busy I am at the time I receive your order). There are times when it could take me longer.


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