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When it comes to compatibility, there are layers upon layers of how the energy of two people flow (or don’t flow) together. Vedic compatibility offers profound insight into the dynamic between two people. Compatibility astrology and relationship counseling are one of my favorite kinds of readings, and I’ve dedicated years to studying synastry and the Vedic techniques of compatibility.

This reading will involve looking at both the querents and their partner’s charts and lasts 90 minutes. You can use this type of reading to gauge relationship potential with a new lover, help decide whether it’s time to leave someone, or just help understand your partner better. For more information, scroll below the contact form for additional details.

To request a compatibility reading, send me a message with your birth date, location and time, as well as your partner’s information.

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Have you ever noticed how some people tend to bring out the worst in each other, while others will bring out the best, or how around some people you feel really energized, while others seem to stuck in inertia? This has to do with synergy and each individual, or your “wavelength.” Good compatibility means you’re both on the same wavelength and your energy/personality flows well together. Two people who are incompatible means there are obstructions in this wavelength, and Vedic Astrology gets extremely detailed in which ways these obstructions affect the relationship.

In this Astrology Compatibility Reading, you’ll learn:

  • How each of your planets overlay with each other and the unique relationship this creates between you both.
  • Detailed compatibility of the moon and nakshatras that shows overall compatibility and how well both parties relate and flow together
  • The differences between masculine and feminine and how these two energies are working between you
  • What is hurting your capacity for happiness and a healthy relationship. Capacity is completely separate from compatibility but no less important.
  • What are the obstacles you’ll face as a couple
  • Is the relationship worth having, or will obstacles really prevent much enjoyment from the relationship


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