Birth Chart Reading – 90 Minutes


Reading Description:
This is a 90 minute, comprehensive reading that covers your natal chart. This includes the main themes in your life, your strengths and weaknesses, and karmic lessons. So that I can best serve you and address your most pressing issues, please spend some time thinking/meditating on your top questions and concerns, so that I can dive into those more deeply.

I record all readings, so you’ll receive a recording along with a pdf of your birth chart.

Depending on my schedule and time of year, the expected wait is typically a few weeks.

I travel a few times a year, so if you’re interested in an in-person reading, contact me for my schedule.
To request a reading:

Payments are made at the time of the reading or a few days before. The checkout process for this reading does not require payment.

Please send me a message detailing your concerns and why you would like a reading. Include the following information:

Place of Birth
Time of Birth, as indicated by a reliable source, such as your birth certificate.

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Birth Chart Reading Description:
My goal as an Astrologer is to help you live a life of peace, awareness, and success. My approach is not to give you a rundown of what your chart indicates and leave it at that. It’s important to me that you make the connection between the influences of your horoscope and where you are today and where you’re going. How can the information in your chart be applied in a practical and useful way? That’s what I like to help with.

As stated above, this 90 minute reading is catered to your primary concerns. I don’t focus on information that you can easily find online, if you’re paying for a reading you should be getting some advanced techniques and insight that you can’t find elsewhere. If you have never had a reading and are starting from square one, then I will certainly cover more of the elementary/fundamental information to get you acquainted with your chart.

For me information on my approach, please see my About section.


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    Tabby O. (verified owner)

    I sought out a reading because I was unhappy with my current job situation, pretty much on the brink of fighting with coworkers. I also had a newish boyfriend and was curious about compatibility. Brooke advised me to look into a managing position, and said that unless I had my own business or was involved in management I’d have a hard time being happy at work. She also said I was currently running a good transit for new job opportunities and that I should take advantage of it.

    Long story short – I began applying to other jobs and was hired as a manager less than a month later. Much of what she said gave me the confidence and validation I needed to make this change that has made me much happier. I was also impressed when she told me I had recently paid off debt and getting rid of material burdens (it’s true, I sold my condo and used it to pay off a bunch of debt).

    Overall, a very pleasant person to talk to – both sensitive and intuitive but also very practical. She also gifted me a book on Zen, which was a nice bonus. 🙂

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    J. Pedro Ribêiro (verified owner)

    I can´t thank you enough for your work and care, this was the deepest chart I have seen. I highly recommend Brooke’s astrological reading. Content that adds the sidereal chart and tropical, the ideal complement for self-knowledge. Brooke is very kind and super attentive and generous, she fully understands the case with a lot of sensitivity and focus on the complaints.

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    Derry Fahmi (verified owner)

    I have consulted Brooke on various questions and issues in my life, and I have been immensely impressed with her honesty, expertise, perceptiveness, guidance, and professionalism. She is impressively knowledgeable and gifted in her professional realm. Moreover, the spiritual pearls and insights she conveys are immeasurable and profound. Brooke explains this wealth of information and analysis clearly and with thoughtful consideration. Her hope and wish to help others is reflected by her genuine care and concern for others, her accurate and affordable consultation services, her patience with questions and her prompt feedback. I am truly grateful and appreciative of encountering her informative and enlightening website, and connecting with her to gain a deeper understanding of my own life puzzle and purpose. Many thanks Brooke!

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    R. Lyra

    Brooke is competent, all-round astrologer. And a natural clairvoyant. But first, a great human being, considerable and compassionate. Her generosity outmatches the fees of her services.
    Highly recommended.

    R. Lyra

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    Shaun Steckler

    I recently had a reading with Brooke regarding my current state of affairs – specifically my work and career. Her insights and recommendations were “spot on” – I highly recommend her.

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