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Not everyone needs a full chart analysis, but rather has a couple important questions they want to have answered.

For this type of service, I fully investigate one or two questions (could be about career, marriage, relocation, etc.) I’ll apply every technique I know in all relevant Vargas for a thorough look into your query.

This reading is not done over Skype, but rather a written report is provided. I can also do an audio recording if you’d like.

Need a Yes or No answer?

If your question needs a yes or no answer, like, “Should I take this job? Yes or No” or “Is my spouse cheating on me, Yes or No?” I will use Prashna (Horary) Astrology to answer those kinds of questions. Prashna Astrology has the benefit of not needing a birth time, but rather creates a chart based on the time the question was asked. It is important to have a very exact question along with being emotionally invested in the question for the clearest answer.

If you have questions about this kind of reading and what issues I can cover, you can use the contact form to reach me.


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    Ellen Finn

    I recently had the privilege to connect with Brooke. I found her to be extremely helpful and uplifting. She is a very evolved soul who works with much kindness and caring and i would definitely recommend her to anyone needing insight and support!! I plan on working with her again soon!

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    At the beginning of last year I got a horary reading from Brooke regarding if I would be able to sell my house. I just wanted to come back and say that things played out like she said they would. She said I would most likely sell the house myself instead of using a realtor/listing agent (true) and that it wouldn’t happen as fast as I wanted, but it would happen that year (also true). I really like this option of reading for quick questions.

  3. Deema A.

    I took a reading with Brooke recently and let me tell you it’s the best choice I have ever made. I’ve took readings before but her reading it’s really touched my heart it really was written with love and understanding and empathy, since I’m Muslim and Arab I was fascinated by her knowledge and understanding about my culture it really made me happy. She’s amazing guys.

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